My writer friend Nancy Kopp says one of her goals for this year is to submit more, write more, read more. But what does “more” mean? Is that one submission per month, one essay per week, two books a month? Or 10 per month?

“More” is a typical word to include in New Year’s resolutions, or goals, but how can you measure “more”? The operative word here is “measure.” Maybe it’s my former life working for a firm immersed in statistics, or maybe it’s my socalled Type A personality, but I like to have a specific goal to work towards so that I know when I’ve met it, so I can get the satisfaction of checking it off a list, or just going “Yes!” to myself at the end of the week, or month, or whatever the goal’s time frame was.

My submission goal for the past few years has been one submission per week, or at least 50 per year. That doesn’t mean I submit every week, although I try. But it’s been possible to catch up if I’ve fallen off the bandwagon as I invariably do when life gets in the way. So I know I can achieve 50 submissions a year; the question now is – shall I attempt a stretch goal this year and go for 100?