Following up on the issue of the fake memoir, it would be one thing if you’re only hurting your own reputation when fabricating facts in memoir. One fallout of the Greg Mortenson scandal over fudged facts in his memoir Three Cups of Tea is that it hurts others, and not only the people who benefit from his charity, but other charities as well.

It Happened On the Way to War: A Marine's Path to PeaceThe Wall Street Journal covered this in its article The Big Spill Over ‘Three Cups of Tea’ last Saturday, telling the story of how marine turned philanthropist Rye Barcott is now scrutinized as he travels to promote his memoir It Happened on the Way to War (released March 29) in order to support his charity Carolina for Kibera.

Scrutiny is a good thing when it comes to making sure charity dollars go where they are supposed to go but the premise of writing a memoir to promote a cause has now become a shaky one.