I loved how the CEO of Penguin, John Makinson, differentiated between book readers and book owners when asked, in Monday’s article in the Wall Street Journal, whether there will be a time when physical books are no longer published.

He said that a book reader is someone who “wants the experience of reading the book” and for someone like that a digital reader is perfect. But he also said that physical books won’t go away as long as there are people who are book owners, who want “to give, share and shelve books.”

Glancing at the wall-to-wall book shelves in our living room, I know what I am. I remember a friend who reads a lot telling me how happy she was about her new Kindle because it was always the same size and fit perfectly into her purse. The idea of being able to download books from anywhere, and having a reading queue right there in my purse sounded definitely practical.

But then I thought to myself that that was exactly what I didn’t want. I didn’t want every book to be the same size. I want every book to be different because I am the kind of person who remembers the cover, or remembers where on a page I spotted a quote I loved. I am someone who dog ears her books and underlines favorite passages. And, as you can see, I love having my own library.

What kind of book person are you?