A month has passed since we returned from our road trip to the Southwest, and only today have I unpacked the last suitcase: mine. It always works like that: I take out what I need, such as toiletries and everyday clothes, and the rest lingers until I find a few hours to savor the trip one more time by sifting and sorting through the spoils from the trip. The things I hope to display, the items I hope to use in a scrapbook.

The pine cone and juniper branch from the Spring Mountains in Nevada where we saw the wild horses did not have to be unpacked. They had traveled on the dashboard (much to my husband’s annoyance), and quickly found their spot on the living room window sill when we got home.

My assorted postcards – I always get some of views I couldn’t possibly take myself. I love those with the WPA commissioned illustrations of National Parks (lower and upper right corners).
Osage Oranges from the Homestead National Monument in Nebraska – I was beyond thrilled when we found them on the trail there because I love their citrusy scent and like display a few of these green knobby orbs. My hands got all sticky from their sap carrying them back to the car, but that didn’t discourage me.
Brochures, books, cool paper bags, magnets, ticket stubs, and one beer coaster, all arranged on a bandana that served as a napkin at the beer garden in Bluff, Utah.
What says “trip” more than a map? We lived by those (no GPS yet).
Green earth from Arches National Park and a salt crystal from Death Valley grace another window sill. I’m discovering a trend here: I have to bring nature home.