I haven’t written about submissions to literary magazines for a while because many of them are published by universities and thus adhere to the academic calendar of taking the summer off. Conversely, many of them open their reading periods today, September 1, so it’s time again to think about getting your work out there. I will focus the next few Thursdays on the process of submitting to literary journals, and to kick that off I’m offering a summary of my related blog posts:

Rules of the Process:

1. Develop a System

2. Edit your Manuscript

3. Don’t Give Up

Rankings of Literary Magazines for Nonfiction:

Best Literary Magazines for Nonfiction

Best Online Magazines for Nonfiction

Second and Third Best Magazines for Nonfiction

If you write fiction, check out Perpetual Folly’s Literary Magazine Rankings based on the Pushcart Prize.

Click on the Submissions label at left to find more tips, call for submissions, etc. If you have any particular questions on the subject of submitting your work to literary magazines, please let me know. I certainly don’t have all the answers but since I’ve been at it for a while, I probably have an opinion.