The weather has been nasty here in Chicago: rain, blustery winds and temperatures in the 40s, so we’ve been hanging around at home. Thankfully, I brought the beauty of fall into the house from our trip to the orchard.

When I bring home a bunch of treasures, I plop them down wherever I can, and I often find that that was just the right spot. As in the case of this big fat bunch of mums, which has been on the kitchen counter ever since, with a paper plate slid under the pot to catch any moisture from watering. The mums go so well with the bowl and the bananas that live on the counter.

Some arranging of these mini-pumpkins and gourds was required, however. First they sat on my son’s desk in the dining room where they kept falling over each other, so I finally took the time to organize them on this tray on the window sill.

My daughter and I are infatuated with gourds. They had a gigantic bin of them at the County Line Orchard, and we could have bought the whole lot. In the end we picked a few green ones to arrange together, in addition to the more colorful ones in the assembly above.
I’ll leave you with this more cheerful picture from a few days ago, when it was still sunny outside: While carrying up groceries, I was fascinated by the mingling of the scattered leaves and the lines of the railing’s shadow on the steps.