I’ve been tinkering with the design of my blog, so don’t be shocked, please, when you visit and find a whole new look. The biggest change is the name of this blog: Following the advice of Kristen Lamb, whose blogging class I am currently taking (highly recommended for writers wanting to build an author brand!), this blog will simply be called “Annette Gendler.” This won’t affect you much, unless you are subscribing to an email feed, in which case the email should now be arriving from “Annette Gendler” and not “Memoir, Writing & Life.”

I haven’t decided yet whether I will keep “Memoir, Writing & Life” as a subtitle or tagline. I rather liked this blog name, but I also want to keep the Helene Hanff quote, and keeping both might get too busy. We shall see.

The other main change will be switching to a white background for easier readibility. I personally am in love with the photo overlay I have had, and the white font on dark background template, but I’ve heard one too many times from readers that it was too hard to read, and obviously a blog’s main purpose is to be read!

Lastly, I want to thank Mary Bowers of Ideas with Ideas for her help in designing the banner – you’re a whiz!

So, brace yourselves. And please let me know what you think of the new design once it happens, and if there’s anything on this blog design-wise that you’d like to have that I currently don’t have.