I love that living in Chicago means the beach is not only about summer.
Here’s the concession stand at the Rogers Park Beach in October.

Here’s that same stand a few weeks later. At the lake the leaves blow off fast, and the beach is getting ready for winter: See the half-completed snow fence to the right.
A few steps farther on, a look back: empty trees and poles in the sand for the snow fence.
Lovely combination, isn’t it? Golden Ginko leaves and powdery sand.
The full fall panorama with the pale of the sand in October.
The light is still blinding at the beach, especially now when the sun hangs lower, but if you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of the downtown skyscrapers framed between the tree and the buildings in the foreground.
Even as we’re enjoying the beach in the fall, there are still reminders of summer.