Vain Regret: Of the cards
Shirley shared, this is my
favorite: Crying over
what’s been spilled,
rather than seeing
what’s still full.
Who hasn’t done that?

Have you ever considered using Tarot cards to jump start your writing? Brainstorm ideas? Nudge your creativity? Me neither.

Which is why I was so intrigued by Shirley Lechter’s presentation on “Brainstorming with Tarot” at the writersandcritters conference. So, as promised, following is a video of her presentation, slightly abridged by me. Please bear with the rough beginning as I had trouble getting all programs to work simultaneously in producing this, but it will give you a snippet of what our conference was like, and I dare say it will have you pondering the Tarot!

A big thank you to Shirley Lechter for sharing!