Today is the last day of Chanukah, so it’s high time I share this picture with you, taken at the Pritzker Military Library last week. The library overlooks Michigan Avenue at the intersection of Monroe, pretty much right across from the Art Institute. I love how the menorah fits in nicely with the scene it looks out on, both in color and in shape.

When my kids are off from school, I like to go exploring with them, and last week my son and I spent an hour savoring the serene atmosphere at the Pritzker Military Library, which we had not been to before, but which we had noticed many times driving by. They currently have a stunning exhibit of Associated Press photos from World War II – several of which I was familiar with, such as the famous one of a sailor and a nurse kissing on the street in New York, but many I had not seen before. The photos are still copyrighted, so I can’t show them here, but you can get a feel for the exhibit on the Pritzker Military Library site.

It was a contemplative hour of seeing those photos in the original, all the while taking in the serene atmosphere of the Library. Their reading space alone made me want to come back to just savor the quiet.

On the northside, the library looks out at the University Club building, and I love how the giant wreath plays against the ornate facade of that building. It has such an Old World feel to it. The Twelve Days of Christmas are still on, so this wreath is a little Christmas greeting to all my readers who celebrate Christmas – I hope you had a good one and are enjoying this time between the years.