Why do great ideas always strike at the most inopportune moments? Like when I’m brushing my teeth, or taking a bath? Or, like the other evening, while I’m chopping fruits for dinner? And then, of course, the idea must be captured, but my notebook is nowhere near, so the kitchen post-it notes will have to do, see my not-so-photogenic picture here. My fingers were too sticky anyway from the oranges to handle my notebook, or worse, to touch the laptop, and I had eggs going on the stove, so no time to trek to the other side of the apartment and write down that idea. Later I must take care to deposit those scribbled-on post-its in my notebook or else they will get lost. It often takes more than one post-it, because as I am chopping, the idea develops further, turns of phrase occur to me, and a good title, and people to talk to.
So the point is that something to write on must always be near, even if it’s just a napkin (Isn’t it true that so many big laws, or treaties, were cooked up on dinner napkins?), and of course a pen must be near as well. Which is why almost every room in our apartment contains a cup with pens and pencils, or at least a spot where a pen can always be found.

The second point is that ideas always tend to occur when the hands are busy: cooking, brushing, soaping, knitting. So there must be something to that as well: Keep the hands busy and inspiration will come.