To date we’ve had merely two significant snow falls in Chicago, and both times the snow lasted only a few days, so it’s been a drab winter. Without the white blanket of winter, February is looking like March usually does: Drab, drab, drab. No color.

On a recent morning walk, I was thinking about all that drabness and yearning for some color. And lo and behold, as I turned a corner, a spot of shiny orange caught my eye. Could it be? Color in this world of greys and browns? Sure enough, it was this mirrored garden globe shining at me.

I stopped and stared in wonder, and as I surveyed the neighborhood these two blue deck chairs just across the street of the garden globe beckoned. You gotta love people who put happy blue deck chairs on their front porch, don’t you? Especially when they play off so well against the brick and the additional happy dots of the decorative lights in the window.

I tried to get another good shot of the garden globe, and perhaps I did, but not until I reviewed the pictures on my camera did I notice that what I really captured was the lichen and the wonderful pattern of this bark.

By now I was on the hunt for color, and this one block of Woodlawn Avenue between 61st and 62nd Streets did not disappoint: I’m happy I noticed the interplay of this almost iridescent verdigris stain with a blotch of lichen on the stone wall framing the front steps of St. John’s Baptist Church. Something must have stood here, something made of copper, don’t you think?

And then, just a few steps on, I found these tiger lilies looking out the church’s office window, aptly framed by drab brick.

Across the street from the tiger lilies is this so 1970s planter in that so 1970s green, welcoming passersby to the neighborhood. What would you call that green?

Around another corner, what was parked right there? This tomato red Mini Cooper, the only colorful car in the street.

On yet another morning walk, I spotted these blue bikes. They would go well with the blue deck chairs, don’t you think? The two of them, in that same happy sky blue, provide such a great contrast to that drab ground of soggy earth and dead grass.

As you can see, I’m hunting for color on my morning walks now.