Just a little warning that my dribble of posts this past month is about to turn into more of a flood as I will be participating in the Blogathon, hosted by the wonderful Michelle Rafter of WordCount. The challenge is to post every day during the month of May.

I have to confess I’ve been stingy with posts this month to save up some ideas for May, so that I can get off to a running start. I’m also greatly looking forward to the reenergizing I know the Blogathon will bring, as well as the fun sense of community with other bloggers, writers, and readers. I participated last year and while it was a lot of work and just a tad scary, it was also immensely rewarding.

If you are also participating, please leave a comment to let me and other readers know, so I/we can be sure to visit your blog over the first few days of the Blogathon. Happy Blogging!