Thank you notes by Man vs. George Design

I’m under a writing deadline today, so first I was going to post a poem, but then I saw in my summary blog statistics that, to date, I have had 1200 comments on this blog. Consequently, a round number like that is a great opportunity to thank all of you who have commented.

Please know your comments make all the difference in blogging for me. If it weren’t for you, I probably would not be blogging anymore, because without comments, blogging is like giving a presentation without an audience. I had to do that a few times in my corporate life when I was asked to pre-record presentations for people who would not be able to attend a meeting. It was the oddest feeling, and very hard to do, sitting in a recording studio, and trying to talk to nobody in a halfway animated way.

While I know my blog’s audience is wider than those who take the time to comment, and I do appreciate everyone who reads what I post, unless you do comment, I don’t know how my writing resonates. I don’t know what you like, what you think, and what you’re most interested in.

Many of my commenters have shaped this blog, first and foremost probably Natalie Hartford, thanks to her enthusiasm for my early photo essays. My whole foray into photography is really thanks to all of you who cheered me on when I created photo essays to share my family’s roadtrip to the Southwest last summer.

I try to return the favor of commenting on other blogs as much as possible, but I know I fall short, and that makes me appreciate all the comments I receive even more. This note would not be complete without an extra thank you to Anjuli, aka Connie, my most steadfast commenter ever. I don’t know how you do it, but you comment on pretty much every post, even rather uninspired ones, and for that I love you!

A big, big thank you to all of you who have ever commented on my blog! I appreciate your time, your generosity and your thoughtfulness.