“I’m convinced that there are only so many words per day in the human body: If you do some longish emails and a few tweets, you feel done.”

This remark by Quindlen resonated with me because I had a student last year who believed that she had just a finite number of words to use, and was nervous as to what she put down. While we all pulled her chain about this, I still think there was some truth to it. Quindlen expressed here what I definitely can relate to: If you write all kinds of other stuff, by the time you get to your real writing you might feel depleted. Which is one reason I never wanted to have a full-time job writing, and why I still aim to write my own stuff first thing in the morning. Which also means that inherently, blogging is a danger, unless blogging is the only writing you do, because you do give up some of your words. But at least, I tell myself, I make friends with those blogging words.