Even though my kids are now in high school and 6th grade, I still want to be in Kindergarten. After all the grades they’ve been through, Kindergarten is still my favorite (My daughter would concur.). That might be because Kindergarten is at that magical cusp of rising competency and sustained playfulness.

But we have also been blessed with Akiba-Schechter, a school that has the most amazing Kindergarten team, who do the most uplifting and creative projects ever, such as a Master Artists Unit, which just wrapped up with a grand art gallery opening.

Visitors from other classes enjoy refreshments
at the Kindergarten Art Gallery Opening.

The Kindergartners study the works and lives of artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, all the way to Georgia O’Keefe and Jackson Pollock. Not only do they study their art, they literally get into it. For example, they crawl under a table to paint its underside in order to feel what it must have been like for Michelangelo to lie on his back for years painting the Sistine Chapel. The “funnest” thing (as my son would say) is the Art Gallery Opening they host at the end of this unit to showcase all they have learned. Of course I always go, even though my kids have long graduated from Kindergarten.

And now I’m looking forward to dropping in on my second favorite Kindergarten unit: the Young Authors Project. The kids actually create and publish their own books, illustrating and writing the stories they’ve thought up. Each book features an “About the Autor” segment on the back cover. I always stop by to see if I can help a child work out his or her story, and watching them diligently work on their books makes me appreciate how easy, how straightforward producing a book can and perhaps really should be.