Happy Independence Day!

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog these past few days as my husband and I have this one week when all three kids are away at camp, and my credo is to do as little as possible as this is the only real vacation I am going to get this summer.

Temperatures are around 100F here in the Midwest, so we are staying inside as much as we can. Perfect for reading, watching movies we’ve long meant to see, and just hanging out, talking to each other without being interrupted. All parents will know what I mean…

Still, here’s wishing you a happy 4th with a picture I took on our recent trip to small town America, a.k.a. Lafayette, Indiana, where we dropped one of our sons off at summer camp at Purdue University. Perhaps, if I do feel like doing something, I’ll put together a little photo essay of that picturesque small town. Till then, keep cool if you’re in the Midwest, or enjoy the outdoors if you’ve been spared the heat.