It’s that time of year again when I like to have a hot chocolate party outside in the cold. The beginning of this week afforded us the perfect juxtaposition in weather for this kind of undertaking: Sunday was unusually warm with temperatures in the 60s, and we finally got around to hollowing out and carving some of the pumpkins we had schlepped home from our visit to the pumpkin farm back in October. While you don’t need a pumpkin to have a hot chocolate party in the cold and dark, they do make fun lanterns. And they smell good, freshly carved.

Towards evening, temperatures started plummeting until they reached the 30s by Monday morning. Sunday evening, when it was dark and getting cold, was the perfect time to have a little hot chocolate party outside on our porch, even though it started to rain. (Check my blog post from last November for a how to).

As you can see, I’m still celebrating fall, even when it’s wet and cold outside.