Photo by Patty Michels, taken during my Advanced Memoir Workshop.

Seems I am out and about this week, because I am thrilled to announce that my essay “The Privilege of Teaching Memoir” has just been published by the Washington Independent Review of Books.

I’ve been teaching memoir for six years now at StoryStudio Chicago, and it is my dream job. When my editor at the WIRoB asked me to write about what it’s like to teach memoir, I was first excited (it’s nice to have work solicited), but then I started worrying: I am used to talking about the craft of writing memoir with writers, but how would I write about teaching memoir for the general reading public? I have to confess I dragged my feet, and my editor had to be extra patient until I thankfully had a great discussion with a beginning memoir class during which I figured out what I thought was the right angle on the topic.

So, if you have a few minutes, could you head on over, and then come back and let me know here what you think? There’s no spot to leave comments at WIRoB, but thankfully, there is here. Which is one reason I love blogging – it allows for a dialogue with readers.

Thanks for reading and commenting!