Mono Lake, California, August 2012

In following Rebecca Murphy’s Relish12 challenge, the 12.14 prompt asked about my favorite view of 2012. I instantly knew which picture I would choose. Even though I’ve shared this one before and there have been many great views for me this year, the word relish goes best with this one.

I simply love the wide open desert expanse of the High Sierras, here in eastern California by Mono Lake. I’m glad that I stopped the car on this gravel road (while driving back from the beach at Mono Lake) to take this picture while the family waited (something they’ve been having to put up with a lot more this year). It was one of those days in life when everything is perfect: the weather (not too hot but abundant sunshine), the company (the whole family together, not squabbling and engaged with the location), and this stunningly beautiful and serene spot on Earth we were exploring.

As we’ve been faced with so much horror and ugliness and difficulty (Sandy Hook and before it Hurricane Sandy – why do they have the same name?), I feel it’s a good thing to remind ourselves of some of the beauty in our lives. If you have a favorite view to share, bring it on!