The tattered but intact side of my
shopping bag from the Ludwig II Musical

In the course of my current home organizing activities (more on that soon!), I installed a hook on my bedroom closet door, and had to take down the plastic over-the-door hook that was there and all that was on it. Among those things was a paper shopping bag, one side cut up, from the spring of 2000, when, with my mother-in-law, I attended the performance of the musical Ludwig II at the Festspielhaus F├╝ssen in southern Germany, across the lake from King Ludwig’s famous castle Neuschwanstein.

That performance was one of my most memorable theater experiences ever. The setting, by the lake on a balmy May evening, was magical. The show was magical. The music, the performers, the set, everything was just so. I especially fell in love with the cut-out figures that would parade the set during scene changes. Thankfully, whatever I purchased that night (I don’t remember) was put into this paper shopping bag that featured those cut-out figures.

The marbled paper heart that dangles from my lamp
 is another keepsake, namely a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter.

I loved that bag so much I not only saved it, but planned to frame it, which I did do a while ago. The framed picture now sits on my nightstand. And yet I couldn’t bring myself to throw out what was left of the paper bag after the framing was done. Even though I had captured that experience now in a framed object, I still couldn’t quite let go of the real momento.  Perhaps because it was a souvenir of a moment in time that I knew even then was special because it would never happen again. It even became bittersweet because my mother-in-law has since died, and I shall never again be able to attend a performance with her. We were great partners in going to the opera or a musical.

Now, in the spirit of decluttering, I decided it was time to say good-bye to the remnant of the Ludwig II shopping bag, and actually toss it, but only after I had consoled myself that I would scan it. Which I did and am sharing here with you. Here’s to momentos that can live on for ever!