Ah, to live in the city and yet to be at sea!
Tuesday morning I got to visit one of my favorite haunts again – Loyola Beach on the far north side of Chicago – thanks to having to drive my son to school. My daughter usually drives, but she was on a class trip. Lucky for me, that day was unusually balmy for December, and so I had warm wind in my face as I walked out to the lighthouse.
Brilliant view of the Chicago skyline from the lighthouse
As I padded along the beach, other figures were silhouetted against the swirl of the sky, walking out on the pier.
Fall at the beach
I consider it such an incredible luxury to be able to turn my back on the city and gaze out into this wide expanse of what feels like the sea (even though it is “just” Lake Michigan), to have this wide open horizon of sweet nothingness, to watch the water curl ashore, and to listen to the crash of the waves.
Getting ready for winter – snow fences
The city is far off in the distance.
Good-bye beach, good-bye lighthouse, and good-bye warm wind.