Create is my word for 2013. The beauty of it is that many things fall under “creating,” such as knitting. Over the last six weeks (Is the new year already 6 weeks old?), I’ve finished the green scarf (just in time to wear it to the theatre with my mother-in-law’s elegant Persian lamb coat) as well as the purple scarf, and I started the magenta one.

The purple one is for my daughter. I actually unraveled a yarn I bought many years ago and with which I had intended to make a vest for her. But, as often happens, I abandoned that project halfway through; in the meantime she’s grown up and I didn’t have enough yarn for a vest that would fit her now. While I was a master knitter in my late teens and early twenties (I used to knit in boring classes to stay awake, and a bunch of us girls would compete in how complicated a pattern we could knit), I now prefer simple projects I can knit while sitting by the fire, watching a movie, or supervising my son’s homework. I also like to use big needles as I want to be done fast.

Winter scarves are ideal. The ruffles on these are the only thing that requires some attention. After they’re done, it’s easy sailing. And the glittery yarn (Lana Lux, available at Loopy Yarns) makes these scarves look glamorous despite the plain ribbing pattern (alternating two knit, two purl stitches – BTW, I had to look this up as I still can’t knit in English).

To me there is something utterly satisfying in the click of the needles and the act of creating something tangible, wearable, durable, and on top of it warm and kind of chic. Especially for someone like me, who’s otherwise engaged in the rather intangible act of writing, making something “real” is a great antidote. So I’m happily clicking away and hope to finish that magenta scarf before the weather turns warm.

Are there any tangible creative projects you’re involved in?