It seems to me that in March, right before spring, when everything is especially barren, nature invites contemplation. On my recent walk through our property in northwest Indiana, I had to move in closely, really bend down, and spend some time in a spot to see the beauty amidst the muted colors, such as the terrific mosaic of this fungus growing on a tree stump.

“Hello?” I wanted to say, “whose castle is this?”
Birch bark – another study in texture
Grasses by the pond and trees in the pond
There is a certain beachy happiness to be found in the pond.
Three stars under water
I am in the pond, too.
We had wind that day, and I am proud that my photography skills have advanced far enough for me to have captured the spinning of the windmill.
Looking closer, you can see the buds on the red maple.
And here, a definite sign of spring – the pussy willow.