Dogwood right in front of my cabin on the banks of the Potomac
at the writers’ conference I attended the week before last

Even though the trees are finally budding here in Chicago, where spring has been especially late this year, I am feeling incredibly tired these days. As if I were suffering from permanent jet lag. Or perhaps this is because of spring? As I was moping about the apartment today, I remembered that the Germans speak of “Frühjahrsmüdigkeit” – literally translated this means “spring fatigue.” Perhaps I am suffering from that?

I was super tired all last week but I blamed that on being exhausted from my previous week of travel and several late nights of hanging out with my cabin mate. But maybe it’s simply spring? All that bright light all of a sudden? I shall find out soon because I’m also going to have a blood test, just to make sure my thyroid isn’t acting up (I do have some issues there), or my iron is low (another issue). In the meantime, I’m sleeping, napping, and keeping up with life very slowly, which is not my usual modus operandi.