View from living room window this morning

It’s an entirely cozy day here in Chicago – there’s the patter of the rain, the swish of the traffic on wet pavement, the thunder in the low-hanging clouds – and I am fortunate enough that the entire expanse of the day stretches out in front of me. With no obligations, no appointments, no have-to-dos. My husband is out of town, my kids are all in school and occupied with after-school activities until early evening.

Often, when I see such a day coming, it ends up not working out. A child gets sick, a friend will be in town only that day, a doctor’s appointment needs to happen. Not that I mind caring for my family or seeing friends, but once in a while I need a day all to myself, at home. A day to putter around, to work in silence, to follow a creative thread for however long I want.

And today is such a day – it worked out! I’ll be on my couch, I’ll tinker with an essay, I’ll dig into the photography class I’m taking. All the while I’ll listen to the rain, and the grey of the day will be at my back, and I will have zero guilt for not setting a foot outside. And if I do set a foot outside, I will feel mightily heroic and ever so productive.

So, here’s sending you lots of good tidings from my cozy day and if you’re not having one yourself, I wish you can have one soon!