It’s time to switch out that blog banner again! I’ve discovered I am pretty consistent about doing this every six months; my last update was December 7.

So here’s what’s new this time around:

The photo of me in the bright red wig is from a Purim (Jewish carnival) celebration at the office. Thanks to taking Susannah Conway’s Unraveling class earlier this year, I discovered my funny side, or rather recognized it in myself. While my family contends that I don’t have a great sense of humor because I don’t get most jokes (and they are right about that, I don’t), I can be rather silly. In fact, the jokes that I do get are the silly ones. For Purim I always dress up, even if it’s just wearing a crazy wig. So this photo is here to remind me of my silly side, at least for a while.

This barn shot is a favorite vista on the way to our property in northwestern Indiana, and one time back in March I actually stopped the car and took some photographs. I love that this barn stands there on its own, slightly weathered, and beyond it you have the wide open expanse of the farm land.

This cityscape is a shot of Wabash Avenue in the Loop (=downtown Chicago), taken during the “blue hour,” just before dusk settles in and the windows of downtown skyscrapers like the Trump Tower in the background turn blue. I love how this shot marries old and new with the ornate domed pavilions atop the Jewelers Building to the left of the sleek new Trump Tower.

These are the two landscapes of my life – the density of the city and the serenity of the countryside. Welcome to my world!