We bought our property in northwest Indiana almost five years ago, and getting to know this one place on Earth, exploring it over and over again, has been one of the joys I have discovered since I’ve seriously taken up photography thanks to this blog. I have, for example, become a bit obsessed with the reflection of bare trees in water, and I loved how this crate, which my husband has floating in the pond for some fish to lay their eggs under, disturbs the reverie of the trees.

Every time we are out there, I don my camera, and each time I ask myself, “What new thing could I possibly discover?” Especially if I’ve just been out walking a week earlier? Of course, I invariably happen upon something I hadn’t noticed before, like this clean-picked skeleton of a deer.

This spot of moss is the only real green I saw on my walk the other day.

Even though we had temperatures in the 80s F this week, the forest was still grey and dead, only the warm air and white blossoms like these assured me that spring must be on its way. The forest shall reawaken at some point!

See? A spray of white in the forest – no green yet.

Mainly, it’s still the rustle of dead leaves in the (now rather warm) wind.
One aspect of early spring that I love is the glacial green of the water in the pond – no algae yet, and thus no dark green and blue. That will come in summer.