Patience, the trees seem to say, we’re not ready to be green yet.

My kids have been into Yoda lately, thus my inverted title, but I really feel that Yoda’s wording is appropriate for this mantra a writer must tell herself over and over: “Patience, you must have.”

Last Wednesday I finished an essay, or rather I got it to what I think is close to its final form. I read it out loud to myself, one of my editing rituals when a piece is in one of its later incarnations. I ran Word searches for my writing foibles – starting too many sentences with “And…” or overusing “a bit.”  I edited some more. And then I felt this eagerness to submit it wash over me, especially because my Outlook calendar was reminding me of several submission deadlines in early May. Oh, it was so tempting to say, “It’s done, and I’m sending it out!”

But no, I reigned myself in. I know that every piece needs at least one final look over from another pair of eyes, usually my daughter’s, who is an astute editor (She’s been especially keen on picking out all my non-parallel constructions.) This particular piece had been hard to put together as it is an excerpt from my memoir manuscript that I’m trying to rewrite into a standalone piece, and for that to work, I really need someone else to look at it, even after the umpteenth revision. So I sent it off to my writers’ group and am patiently (!) awaiting their feedback. Hopefully, hopefully, they will tell me it’s good, it’s done, and they will have only minor editing suggestions.

However, once I do submit this essay, more patience will be required as weeks, if not months, will go by before anybody responds, let alone wants to publish it. So, patience is definitely the name of the game as a writer.