Crows on parapet
Ordinary enough, right?
Except they don’t move.

Today is the Blogathon‘s Haiku Day, meaning you can try to your hand at this originally Japanese form of poetry, post what you came up with, and be done with your blogging for the day. I usually don’t write poetry, but I did manage a haiku when I first did the Blogathon in 2011. And, as the Kenyon Writers Workshop demonstrated so wonderfully last week, stretching your writing muscles once in a while by writing something different is good cross-training.

Before attempting my haiku, I read through How to Write a Haiku Poem again, and when I stumbled over the following tip, I knew exactly what to write about: “When you see or notice something that makes you want to say to others, ‘Look at that,’ the experience may well be suitable for a haiku.” Because, you see, while walking to get coffee with a fellow workshop participant at Kenyon, I had interrupted our conversation, yelling “Look at that!” and pointing to the crows which I noticed hadn’t moved from when I had passed by two hours earlier.

Crows atop Ransom Hall, Kenyon College, by sculptor Peter Woytuk