Fog is rare in Chicago, but yesterday evening it rolled in thick off Lake Michigan as I was driving up and down Lake Shore Drive in the evening to pick up my son. On our way back, I handed him my Smartphone to shoot some photos of the spectacle. Here, the highrises of the Gold Coast right along Lake Shore Drive are shrouded in grey.

Visibility of a few car lengths at the Chicago Street intersection.
Here we are about to drive up the bridge across the Chicago River – if you didn’t know the Navy Pier exit was coming up, there was no way of knowing until you were on top of it.
Ohio Street in the fog, as seen from Lake Shore Drive.
Only a few blocks in from the lake, the air was clear and the evening still light, which provided for grand vistas like this one down the canyons of skyscapers.
Looking west into the Streeterville neighborhood from Lake Shore Drive
My son’s favorite shot – looking down the Chicago River
with the Trump Tower’s top in the clouds
We are about to be swallowed by the fog on the southern part of the Drive.