When I was taking Susannah Conway’s Unraveling class earlier this year, one assignment was to photograph our favorite things. I felt I’d be remiss if I didn’t include these two jackets with my favorite things because they provide me with almost daily comfort. Unlike my other favorite things, they are not inherited; instead I bought both at Target for less than $20.

Both are machine washable (very important because practical) and hip length (since I’m tall I don’t like short jackets). The black one is the older one, and it is perfect: stylish and warm but not too warm. It’s come along on all my trips because I have this rule of always taking a jacket along, just in case, and this one goes with everything. My brother-in-law once asked me if that jacket is all I wear – my sister’s house in Germany is cooler than what I’m used to, so guess what, I’ve worn that black sweater every time I’m visiting!

I would not have predicted that the brown sweater jacket would become such a favorite, especially since it’s a hoodie, and I usually don’t like hoods. But lately I always feel cold around my neck, and this one, thanks to the hood, keeps my neck warm. It’s more lightweight than the black one, and in the winter I wear it to bed every day as an extra layer and have it slung around my shoulders on days when I mope about the house.

So these are my sweater jacket friends. I’m sure other people have clothes friends too, right?