Allison and I after her reading last night – photo taken by
Dinty W. Moore.

“So, you’re Annette Gendler!” a bubbly voice says right behind me as I’m leaving the auditorium at the Kenyon Writers Workshop after the faculty reading Monday night. I turn and a redhead comes into view. “I thought I recognized that name yesterday when you were reading, and yes, I do, because I read your blog,” she goes on.

“You do?” Instant happiness rises up in me.

“Yes, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that your list of magazines for nonfiction has been so immensely helpful. Oh, and I like your mix of writing and personal stuff.”

Now I am flattered and instantly enamored. What could be greater for a blogger than a blog reader who’s only existed in the ether to suddenly appear in flesh and blood, particularly in such an outgoing personality as Allison Williams? Turns out she’s a participant in the other Literary Nonfiction Workshop run by Dinty W. Moore.

We leave the auditorium together and end up walking back to our living quarters, and of course we have lots to talk about: What she’s working on, what I’m working on, the whole submissions business. I also learn that she’s a performer as well and working on doing more audio pieces. Fascinating. What serendipity! Of course I asked her how she had found my blog, and she said through a link on the ReviewReview, which I remember.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised to find a blog reader amidst the kindred souls here at the Kenyon Writers Workshop, but still, that one of the 20 participants in the Literary Nonfiction workshops would be a fan is still pretty amazing to me.