I’ve discovered one definite benefit to reading with a Kindle, thanks to my friend Barbara who lent me hers so I could read a bit of a book she felt I would like. I did like it (Meike Winnemuth’s memoir Das Grosse Los about using the half million euros she won in a contest to spend 12 months living in 12 different cities around the world), but I also liked the fact that the Kindle forced me to immediately write down whatever phrases I would have otherwise underlined with the pencil I always have at the ready when I’m reading. I also couldn’t dog ear a page like I usually would to mark a page I want to come back to. The problem with the underlining and the dog-earing is that typically, I never actually go back and copy down those phrases I found insightful, or the prose I loved. But with the Kindle, I did so immediately! This might be due to my ignorance of actually using all the capabilities of the device (I was happy I mastered paging back and forth…) but for now it is a great thing because I’ve got those phrases in my notebook.

My favorite quote from what I read so far in Winnemuth’s Das Grosse Los (no English translation yet, sorry): “Do what you like, and while doing that, you will meet people you like” (my translation). That’s something to ponder, isn’t it?