Today is video day at the Blogathon, and with that in mind I shot my first video using my Smartphone (a simple step but also a big one…) last week, when I had a chance, once again, to walk Loyola Beach on the North side of Chicago. That beach is one of those places that makes me supremely happy every time I spend time there; I’ve featured it in many photo essays here, in winter, in fall and in summer. We are lucky if we have such a place, aren’t we? A place that makes us happy?

As I sat in the cool sand (it was a beautiful day last Monday but not exactly a warm one), I thought, how about capturing the surf, the whipping of the wind, and the wide open horizon, just exactly as I heard it and experienced it in a little video? So here you go. If it sounds gusty and noisy, and you hear more wind than waves, well, that’s the way it was that day.