Lighthouse at Rogers Park Beach, Chicago

I’ve given my blog a bit of a break to allow the corresponding post to my WSJ essay some space, but I’ve missed blogging! I guess that is to be expected after having done it consistently every day for more than a month? Ok, so here is just a little photo essay from my jaunt to Rogers Park Beach yesterday.

All these photos were shot with my Smartphone, so the quality is not the best, but I was stunned how this shot of the lighthouse against the yesterday’s hazy horizon turned out. And capturing the figures in that constellation was purely a matter of spotting them and clicking the camera at that very moment.

Usually, you can see the skyline of downtown from this vantage point. Not yesterday!
A sole boat out at “sea”

I’ve walked out on that pier many times, but never before did I see the submerged rocks. That’s how clear and calm the lake was. Plus here’s a bit of urban reality in the form of graffiti (funny how it matches my tote bag!) at my feet.

OK, here’s some live serenity for you: This is the exact same spot I was sitting at when I took the video of the roiling surf. Yesterday, you could barely hear the waves lap.
The bench by the beach is painted again! Last time I was there, it was starkly wait in preparation for the annual Paint the Bench event.
OK, not really a beach photo but a summer one, isn’t it? Clearly someone enjoys the summer weather out on this stoop that I spotted on my way to the beach.