These guys actually bring up the rear of the 4th of July Parade
in Hyde Park, Chicago, but what could be more American
than a bunch of cowboys, albeit urban ones, waving a flag?

Today is truly a special day since I am posting twice on this blog, but I went to see our neighborhood 4th of July parade with my daughter and it was such fun to see it again that I wanted to share. Plus the next post is reserved for a supplement to my essay in the Wall Street Journal that is coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!

To the delight of all the watching children, the parade begins with a blinking fire truck.
My husband’s favorites – the bagpipers.
And of course the marching band
One cool car
What I love about the Hyde Park Parade is that the neighborhood kids get to decorate their bikes and scooters and march right along.
Is that cool or what?
My favorite “float” by the Hyde Park Garden Fair
People watch from the stoops.
Neighborhood businesses and clubs march, too.
As I said, the cowboys wrap it up.