I’ve decided to participate in August Break, hosted by Susannah Conway (see my take on her book This I Know). After 30 days of straight blogging for the Blogathon in June, you’d think I’d have enough of blog challenges, and I do, but this is a gentle one, and so I am intrigued to give it a try. The idea is to take a break from writing blog posts for the month of August and post pictures instead, ideally every day. An exercise in visual mindfulness, if you will.

My photography has taken a back seat lately as I have been working on a bunch of essays (I just sent one to the editor who’s been waiting for it!), and so I am interested to see what will happen when I need to take a picture every day.

Thankfully, August Break is a relaxed and playful challenge; there is no strict rule to post every day, nor does it prohibit me from writing a post if I feel like it. So let’s just say that as we embark on the month of August, you can bank on a lot more photos here, hopefully on a daily basis, and now and then, something to read.