The WordCount Blogathon First of all: I did it! I posted to this blog every day for the month of June and completed the Blogathon challenge. Looking back, I shouldn’t have doubted myself, and I shouldn’t have worried that it would be too taxing. Because, it turns out, my first conclusion is:

1. Doing the Blogathon becomes easier every year you do it. This was my third time around, and posting every day felt easy. Not necessarily effortless, for sure not, but easy enough that I actually contemplated entering another such daily blogging challenge for the month of July. I decided against it because in general my approach to blogging is quality over quantity.

2. The blogging community aspect is the greatest the first time you do the Blogathon. Like last year, the Blogathon meant reconnecting with old blogging friends I had made the first time around, but I only discovered a few new blogs that caught my interest. With more than 200 blogs participating, the group was simply too large for me to visit every one and still keep up with my own blogging commitment.

3. Doing the Blogathon brought only a few new readers. My blog traffic did increase during June, and I did gain 30 new followers and subscribers, but since I also taught at the Kenyon Writers Workshop during June, which brought me new readers as well, I can’t quite tell how many I can attribute to the Blogathon effort.

4. The Blogathon revs up my blogging, which is why I do it. As with anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Having to do it every day had me blogging about a few things I might not have written about otherwise, and it exercised my blogging muscles. Plus it revitalizes the blog for my readers as well (I hope!) as for at least one month a year there is fresh content every day. And maybe they even root for me or wonder what I’ll come up with the next day (Do tell!).

So, even if I didn’t make lots of new blogging friends, didn’t learn any new tools, and didn’t see a huge jump in my blog traffic, it was still worth it for me, personally, as a blogger.