While putting our home back together after having all the walls painted, I got into a major cleaning frenzy. It is amazing how much dust you see once you start removing it from otherwise out of the way places like the back of picture frames!

One such dusty thing was my beloved old doll Janie, who usually sits up on a ledge in the kids’ room (Goes with today’s August Break theme of “Something Old”). My boys insisted that the display be pretty much put back together the way it was, so Janie was not going to retire to a storage box. But I also wasn’t going to put her back up there with a dusty head and grimy hands. So she underwent a cleaning. And boy, did I feel like I had slipped into my child self as I bathed and dressed my doll!

Janie has always been my favorite doll, and as I shampooed her hair, I was reminded that her current hair is actually a wig because her original red hair fell out (probably from too much love!). I also remembered my mom and me taking her to a doll doctor to have that wig fitted, which at the time was just the coolest thing ever. I must have been about six years old. I actually got Janie for my third birthday when we lived in Florida, and my best friend’s name was Janie, who also had red hair.

Anyway, Janie is back on her ledge, all shiny and clean, and I have recovered memories floating in my head, such as the fact that my friend Janie wore a leg brace that tended to get caught in the playground swing’s chain. See what a thorough cleaning can do?