I jumped into August Break without thinking twice, but agonized for weeks over whether I would have the stamina in June to do the Blogathon. Turns out I had no problem completing the Blogathon. With August Break I chugged along at first, posting a photo every day that went with the daily theme.

Then two things happened: 1. We had our apartment painted and, as mass chaos broke out at home, I fell off the daily posting routine. Having to deal with the dislocation of my home life was certainly the main culprit, but then I discovered something else: 2. August Break was killing my blogging voice. I just didn’t feel like doing it.

Isn’t that odd? You’d think an easy challenge like this one of simply posting a picture every day would be just the thing to keep me going, and the daily theme wasn’t even prescriptive. And yet, it turned out that posting only a photo didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, anybody who’s been following me knows I love posting photos, but for me it’s more about the story or little insight that goes along with them. I am a writer first and a photographer second. I take photos because they help me tell a story. Left to my own blogging devices, even in an ostensibly more daunting challenge like the Blogathon, my mind is constantly percolating with ideas that I could blog about. Somehow, August Break with its handy list of daily themes turned off that faucet. Suddenly I had to look to the theme list to see what I could blog about, rather than having my usual bunch of draft posts going. I didn’t like that, chaos at home or not.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I undertook August Break because it taught me a lot about how blogging works for me, and it’s always a good thing to learn more about yourself. Now I am returning to my tried and true routine of posting about twice a week, sometimes more often, and to blogging about all those things I usually blog about. Blogging is a home for my voice, a place to develop it, and to share my take on this world of ours with my wonderfully generous audience of readers. My blog is not a place to follow someone else’s lead. So, if you have any insights on this turn of events, do chime in, please!