Typical Chicago six-flat brownstone rooftops – with back porches
and power lines, as seen from an alley, also typical

I treated myself to a photography retreat last Sunday at the Lillstreet Art Center, which included a two-hour walking and shooting tour around Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. I always love exploring the city, and thankfully this retreat gave me an excuse to do just that, walk around and take photos of whatever caught my eye…

…such as the terrifically peeling pink paint on this parapet.

Needless to say, I now have a crop of pictures fitting various August Break themes. Yesterday’s Light Bulb in Tree photo was actually taken at Lincoln Square itself. And photographing enticing roof tops naturally entails capturing diagonals, hence my contribution to today’s topic of diagonals.

 A blue and white house and a blue and white sky – life was pretty perfect on Sunday.

The August Break 2013