Pantry contents relocated to our dining room table

Going through the experience of having our entire apartment painted in a week, one thing struck me especially amidst all the chaos and moving around of stuff: I missed the orderliness of my own home where everything has its place! For once I wasn’t bemoaning the clutter, but rather I was unsettled by nothing being where it is supposed to be.

For two days, for example, the food stuffs weren’t where they belonged, and thus we were searching around for the green tea or the small garbage bags, even though we’d taken care to at least move all the pantry contents into dining room and nowhere else. With the contents of the pantry and the kitchen and my husband’s office moved to the dining room, every task became a pain not only in its execution, but in procuring the necessary equipment – sweeping up spilled oatmeal flakes meant looking for the dustpan and brush. And of course the rest of the apartment wasn’t put back together right away as we were busy dealing with the next set of rooms to be painted.

Thankfully, we are almost back to normal. Some walls are still bare, and some items are MIA. For instance, I can’t find the silver clock my son once gave me for Mother’s Day that usually sits on the chest of drawers in the dining room and that I glance at every five minutes at breakfast time to make sure the kids get out of the house on time. Another sweep through the apartment, tackling piles of dislocated belongings, is in order for today!

Oh, the glory of an orderly pantry! With freshly scrubbed shelves,
mind you, because once you remove everything, you notice the
built-up grime…