I’ve fallen off the August Break bandwagon for a few days because, alas, I needed a break, or rather, I was too busy with other things to take a break. Oddly enough, my busy-ness fits with today’s topic of “home:” We are currently having our apartment painted, and thus our home is in chaos. The entire household is in upheaval, nothing is in its usual place, or it’s crammed in with other things. Every evening and morning we spend moving our belongings from one set of rooms to another set of rooms. I was amazed to discover how much stuff we have sitting around on surfaces! Plus I am fingering items that, for example, usually live on a high shelf for decoration and thus never get moved and are coated with a thick coat of dust.

My bedside table has never looked this serene until the night before the painters arrived, and I had to go through all the books that are usually piled up there. So, amidst the chaos, there’s some simplicity to contemplate as well. Wouldn’t it be nice, I am wondering, if my bedside table always looked like this?