Every Wednesday and Saturday night, from Memorial Day to Labor Day,
the City of Chicago shoots fireworks off a barge by Navy Pier.
I usually manage to go to see them at least once, and this year
we did it the best way possible – we took a fireworks cruise
on Lake Michigan.

I’ve been a bit silent here because my life has been a whirlwind these past four weeks, grand with celebrations, explorations and obligations. Now I am exhausted from this period of non-ordinary living – having the whole apartment painted, then taking a jam-packed one-week trip to Boston and New Hampshire, followed by preparing for houseguests, hosting houseguests, celebrating my younger son’s Bar Mitzvah with lots of guests and a big open house, followed by the High Holidays and even more entertaining. But amidst my exhaustion I also feel blessed to have such a full life and also to have quiet pursuits like writing this blog to sort it all out and capture at least some of the joy.

Pulling off the dock at Navy Pier and leaving the city behind.

Joyous and special occasions like this late evening fireworks cruise I booked for our visitors from London and Germany to go on with us the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. That day we had a ferocious storm that went for hours and dumped tons of water on the city, and all day I was fretting about the feasibility of this boat trip. But, fortunately, by 5 p.m. the sky cleared, and it ended up being a mellow summer evening, perfect for saying good-bye to summer by gliding over relatively smooth water in a balmy breeze.

The skyline is always a glorious sight from the water, especially at night, and thus it is a summer goal of mine to make it out on a boat at least once every summer. Here the remnants of the storm are still hanging in the sky and the white band on top of the John Hancock Tower glows like a hallow in the fuzzy clouds.

PS: Turns out that summer’s last hoorah in Chicago might just be today with temperatures soaring to 96F, which means it’s the perfect day to stay inside, close to the A/C, preferably on the couch…