The other day I was in a blue mood, discombobulated and irritable. I had the good fortune, however, that my husband and I drove out to the country that day. As soon as we arrived, I donned my hiking boots, grabbed my camera, and made for the woods.

Once again it amazed me how healing it is to wander around in nature, focusing my lens on whatever strikes my fancy. After an hour of hiking and taking photos, I felt better. The blue mood had lifted. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, because from all my reading of Julia Cameron’s work, I know that she emphasizes the importance of walks, of literally walking out whatever issue one is grappling with and allowing the mind to wander and ideas to percolate.

Sure enough, after I had happened upon a bright fuchsia blossom amongst the trees, I had the idea of putting together a photo essay of all the colors I found in the woods, a project that never would have happened had I not gone on that walk with my camera. I also know that creating is what makes a creative soul feel good, actually makes most people feel good, as does living in the moment. Magically, photography encompasses both.

On that walk I was creating, and I was focusing on the here and now. I hope you enjoy my little photo essay.

Emerald and Ivory
White – I feel like this is saying – ha, ha, haven’t combed my hair lately!