Dear Commenters,

This morning I had over 50 spam comment notifications from “Anonymous” in my email inbox, and that is simply too much. I don’t know why sites in Russia, in particular, like spamming my site, but they do. So, while I hate doing this, I will have to put you through the nuisance of completing the Captcha verification when you leave a comment.

I myself hate it when I have to go through Captcha upon leaving a comment, but alas, I can’t be spending that much time wading through and deleting anonymous comments. Plus the spam skews the statistics on which of my posts are truly popular. I hope that this will scare the spammers off, and in a few weeks, I shall try to reset my comment settings to work without Captcha.

For now, please bear with me and continue to comment. It means a lot to me to hear from readers. In fact, whenever I don’t get a comment on a post I wonder what have done to be so boring.