That’s me braving the storm this morning.

This morning I happened to be outside and decided to walk around a few blocks. I figured I won’t get a chance for a walk these next two days as Chicago is plunging into deep freeze. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts a “high” of -20F   (-28C). According to the weather reports, Chicago hasn’t experienced that low of a temperature since 1983. I haven’t even been here that long!

I know -28C is not impressive for Canadians. Once, when I was in Ottawa on a business trip in early February, my hotel alarm woke me up at 6 a.m. announcing that it was -31C outside. Of course, business went on as usual; the Canadians were unperturbed while I was obsessing over how I’d survive the cab ride wearing hose and a skirt, even if I was wrapped in my long down coat.

Here, schools will be closed tomorrow, which means another day of cabin fever, but also, hopefully, more time to get stuff done around the house. At least, I keep telling myself, we are having a real winter…

With all my best wishes to stay warm if you’re in Chicago, or to count yourself blessed if you’re in a warmer climate!