I’ve loved Stampington Company’s magazine Artful Blogging ever since I discovered it on a bookstore browse in Denver three years ago, and now they have come out with another stunning magazine: Bella Grace. It’s hard to describe what it’s about but they call their contributors “authentic living artists.” That does capture it. Carefully penned essays celebrating the ordinary are underlaid and overlaid with atmospheric photographs.

I’m enchanted with Bella Grace, and so I decided to participate in their current blog hop, featuring my own way of authentic living: spending a weekend summer day on my porch. If you’ve read my essay “Twenty Reasons Why I love Chicago” in Our Chicago (see button to the right), you will know that one of the things I love about living in this city is whiling away an entire day on my back porch, while the neighbors’ toddler is chatting about sand cakes down below.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Bella Grace Blog Hop post: Recipe for a Perfect Day on the Porch.