I have been absent from this blog, which also means I have been absent from myself. Funny how over these past four years, blogging has become a barometer of how in tune with myself I am. If, as for the past four weeks, I’m either traveling, or hosting/attending dinner parties, attending a writers’ conference, socializing or visiting with friends for what feels like 24/7, then I am definitely absent from myself. I don’t get enough downtime, and I don’t get enough sleep. I’m busy absorbing and being engaged and while these are all good things, I’ve had too much of all that over this month and I’ve been simply exhausted.

Now I am slowly settling into my routines again (how I love those routines when I’m tossed about!) as evidenced in my pushing myself to get this post out. Being absent from blogging also means it’s harder to get back on the bandwagon. However, my brain feels halfway sorted now and real life is at least stacked in piles, virtual and real ones. I trust some of those piles will become blog posts.

My online memoir class starts next week, so I am busy putting the final touches on that. Would be great to see you there!